Trance Poster Future Funland

Another Poster for Trance comic book series..when ever it get done. Trance music always brings me peace during lonely nights. It should be no surprise that my superhero is named Trance. One of the most inspiring song is Future FunLand by Perpetuous Dreamer. it make me imagine standing high above the city. here is the song.… I envision the city as a playground for my superhero to get away from personal problems in life. I even added a Ferris Wheel and Rollercoster in the background of the city based on Coney Island NY since the title future funland makes me think of amusement parks

With titles
Penciled and Inked on 17 by 14 Bristol Board
Inks cleaned up on Photohop
Flats and layers of colors added
Final result without titles
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