Marvel Silk T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs I did for We Love Fine's Spider-verse t-shirt design contest. I choose to focus on the new asian american superhero Silk, aka Cindy Moon since she was my favorite new character out of the Spider-verse event.

1st Design: Silk doing a classical Spider-man webline upside down pose with an asian girl twist. Sporting a peace hand sign that is popular with young asian female today. Also chinese letters of Silk's name to empises and celebrate her culture and nationality as one of the few Asian American Superhero holding her own comic book monthly series.
Hanging Silk Male T-Shirt
Hanging Silk Female T-Shirt
Hanging Silk T-Shirt on Model
2nd Design: Using Silk's official logo, Cindy Moon swings into action with her webline. As with Spider-man, she is very flexable and muscular in all her heroic action poses.
Swinging Silk Male T-Shirt
Swinging Silk Female T-Shirt
Swinging Silk T-Shirt on Model
3rd Design: Unlike Spider-man or other Marvel comic book characters with a Spider motif; Silk shoots her webbing out her fingers. For some reason, I felt this gave her a very feminine quality to her.
Silk Webbing Male T-Shirt
Silk Webbing Female T-Shirt
Silk Webbing T-Shirt on Model
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