Shot 1: EXT. Establishing shot. Zoom into the school doors
Shot 2: INT. Fade into school hallway. Pan across the screen
Shot 3: Pan into window of glass door. We hear muffled sound of narrator for education film in progress. Door opens to reveal backs of kids, as they watch a science film and we also get a glimpse of Dr. G.
Narrator: (fade up) the chemical element Mercury is indeed a liquad metal.
Shot 4: Fade into projector screen. Chemical formula Hg liquad poured out of a beaker. 
Narrator: The beneficial uses mercury, are numerous.
Narrator: ...most notably in the field of electro-chemistry.
Narrator: However, dangerous spillage may occur from improper storage, disposal, and the general mishandling of products containing mercury.
Background fades in as trash can flips over
Camera pans out
Shot 5: Cut to a man drinking to show the effects of contanimated water.
Narrator: Once Mercury is in the enviroment, it can be very difficult to clean up, possibly resulting in harmful effects to the body.
Camera pans in on a close up shot.
Narrator: To further illustrate the effects of toxins in the environment, damage to the nervous system, especially in young children.
Shot 6: Pan out from the projector back to the classroom. Film presentation is shut off. Screen flickers off as lights come up and Dr. G walks into frame.
Dr. G: Any Questions?
Shot 7: Cut to a shot of students with a girl named Allie in the foreground.
Allie: Is there mercury anywhere in our school?

Shot 8: Cut back to Dr. G

Dr. G: Ahh, believe it or not, many items in school contain mercury.
Dr. G: thermometers switches, thermostats, (camera pans out) and some projectors.
Shot 9: Cut to medium shot of Dr. G.
Dr. G: That's because the lamps in most projectors have mercury in them, and
Shot 11: Cut to school bell ringing.
Shot 12: Cut back to kids packing, getting their bags.
Kids then get up and leave the class.
Shot 13: Cut back to Dr. G.
Shot 14: EXT. Close up of school front entrance as new music plays. Door open as kids start to exit school.
Camera pans out showing the entire school as kids run to the school bus that comes into frame from the left.

Voice Over: Unlike most projector companies, Casio offers a full line of over 20 lamps-Free, mercury free projectors. By removing environmentally toxic substances, we're helping to make school safer for everyone. One projector at a time!
Shot 14: Fade to logos

Voice Over: We enthusiastically support the United States EPA initiatives on reducing mercury in schools, as well as the global Minamata Convention on Mercury Reduction.
Shot 15: Fade in motion graphics to show doted lines on a USA map as  products are being shipped across the united states as we zoom closer.
Voice Over: And now we are making it easier then ever to go Mercury-Free and be safe!
Truck moves across states to ship product. 

Shot 16: Fade in to INT. of another classroom and Zoom in to a corner of camera.

Voice Over: We are excited to announce our latest program to bring the benefits of LampFree and no more disposal costs for used mercury lamps to your school, the Casio Swap Lamp Program!!
Casio specialist coming to the classroom with package. 

Voice Over: Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate saving money and to move a little step towards a good environment for students. "SWAP Lamp!!!! ...Simply request a site demo with one of our product specialists"
Shot 17: Cut to close up of Casio specialist setting up projector.

Shot 18: Cut to and close up of the Casio specialist bring an old projector to Casio for proper disposition.

Voice Over: Once completed, give us 5 unused mercury lamps for projectors,
Voice Over: and we'll swap them for a LampFree EcoLite.

Shot 19: Cut to motion graphics of projector poping up with rotating starburst in the background.
Shot 20: Fade to the website with classroom full of kids out of focus.

Voice Over: To get started, simply log on to and request a demo. Our team will walk you through the Swap Lamp Program and help you to have a healthier and more environmentally firendly classroom for your students.

*Bring classroom into focus.*
Dr. G: Go Mercury free and be safe.
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